Information for customers:

Your order will be processed only after full payment has been received or at least 50% of the order has been prepaid.

  • After the order has been placed and payment received, it will take from 10 to 15 business days to manufacture the dresses, depending on the size of the order and current workload. Please note that we are closed on weekends and public holidays.
  • If it's your first order the minimum order quantity is 2. Subsequently the minimum order quantity could be lowered to 1 dresses.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact our online support via email, Viber, WhatsApp. We would love to hear your proposals and provide any information you require!


Payment via payment platform. 2Checkout accepts credit cards, debit cards and PayPal.

Bank transfer in the United States via ACH

This type of bank transfer is only available to customers located in the United States. In addition, only a legal entity can act as a customer. This legal entity has to be able to provide the address of its own website.

Bank details and additional information will be sent to your email together with the order confirmation. Print out or write down our bank details to make a payment at a local bank.

You will be responsible for all the processing fees of the intermediary bank. Therefore, please check the total amount of the payment before you transfer the money.

After making the money transfer, please do not forget to tell us via online chat or send an electronic copy of a receipt with the details of the transaction (sender's name, amount and date of payment should be clearly specified there) via the email.

Without your confirmation, we cannot proceed with the execution of the order.

Please, note:

Only ACH translations (between banks in the US) in US dollars are supported. Other types of bank transfers are not supported.

Western Union

Western Union money transfer system offers several payment options, which may vary from that available in your country:

  • send money from a nearby agent location. To find your nearest Western Union click on this link: Western Union locations;
  • transfer funds online using a credit or debit card;
  • instant bank transfer - Soford Banking.

After the successful transfer of money, please do not forget to send us all the necessary details of the transaction - an electronic copy of the receipt (photo of the receipt, pdf file etc.). The sender's name, amount, money transfer control number and the country from which funds were sent should be clearly visible there.

Please, note:

You will be responsible for the all processing fees that WESTERN UNION charges. Therefore, please check the total amount of the payment with the local WESTERN UNION, before you transfer money.